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Everyday Clean


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Hydrogen Peroxide 3% 4 L


Cleaning & Plant Mister


Swedish Dishcloth


Fresh Clean


Keep your family safe from harmful chemicals.

Reduce your waste and reduce toxins with our multipurpose eco-friendly cleaning solution! You’re not only doing your part for the environment and freeing up space in your home, but you could also save money by reducing multiple cleaning product usages by over 90%.

The all-in-one cleaning solution may help you with more than fifty chores around the house.

  • Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide – Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry, General Cleaning, Personal Care, Pets and Plant Care
  • Highly Effective – Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Mould
  • Non-Toxic, Eco Friendly and 100% Biodegradable
  • Safe Around Children, Pets and People Suffering from Allergies
  • Save Money by Using This Multipurpose Solution

Hydrogen Peroxide Satisfaction Guarantee Delivery Quality

Every 4L of refillable Oxygen Plus  – Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide will help reduce 8 single-use spray bottles from ending up in the landfill and provide life-saving drinking water for 35 days.

Watch the video below to find out how it works.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 343 reviews

My plants are booming since using this. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
It has also been phenomenal for cleaning my home. My stove top especially has been renewed since using this with bi carb. Will never use any other product again.

Alyonna Angelica
Amazing product

I recently tried the Everyday & Deep Clean product from Good Clean Health Co, and I was thoroughly impressed. This product exceeded my expectations in every way.

Firstly, the cleaning power of this product is outstanding. It effortlessly removes dirt, grime, and stains from various surfaces. I use it on my kitchen countertops, bathroom tiles, outdoor furniture, and even the carpet. This product tackles tough messes with ease.
I especially appreciate that the Everyday & Deep Clean product is made with natural ingredients. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I am not exposing myself or my family to harmful chemicals. The product has a refreshing scent that is not overpowering, which is a bonus.
I love the spray bottle and a bonus would be the presentation and packaging it came in. A gift to myself.

Norelle Deeth
Very happy customer

Your deep clean and plant care kit are my new favourite products for use around my home. I have introduced my family and friends to your products. It is peace of mind to have such effective but safe cleaning products which kill germs and viruses but are not toxic to my family or my environment. I am enjoying testing out the many ways in which I can use your products.

My son in law had an esky in which he had stored prawns. Soap and water and scrubbing would not remove the stubborn residual prawn odour. I gave him a little spray bottle with your hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of your essential oil and he was astounded at how quickly and effectively the smell was removed. The next time I went to his house, I saw a complete deep clean and plant care kit on their kitchen bench. They had wasted no time in ordering their own. My daughter is a cleaning fanatic so she is delighted too.

Jodie G
Great products

Can’t wait to buy another pack and get 2 more spray bottles. Best I’ve ever used!!

Nancye Dalgarno
Love this product!

Great product!! Excellent packaging . Love the atomiser spay bottles. Would recommend to others .

Usha Pillai
It’s Oh 2 Good!

Wish I had learned in my school and Uni Chemistry classes how versatile H2O2 was outside the lab and medicine cupboard. i am looking forward to experimenting with the 3% and 6% products we purchased from you and will be happy to provide feedback if you so require. Our first test of H2O2 will be to test it’s effectiveness on the aphids and the ants that harvest them on our little lime tree. Thank you Good Clean Health Co for making H2O2 available in affordable quantities and attractively packaged with other useful products. BTW - Love the spray bottles. Plan to buy more to give away this Christmas. Keep up the good work!

Cornelis (casey) Harm
Complete deep clean

Complete deep clean is what it say complete deep clean and time saver.my orchids loving it looking very healthy and just after 24 hours. Recommended to all plant lovers

Mika Johansson
Good stuff.

Works both on your body and cleaning outside it.

Laura Williams
Haven’t received

I keep getting sent emails on how to use. But I haven’t received yet and no correspondence with tracking details so gathering not even posted yet ?

Amy Andrade
Love it

I’m obsessed with the mister!

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