Every Australian deserves a healthy, toxin-free home and workplace. We are committed to making Hydrogen Peroxide available to every household in the country so that families can reduce toxins for daily life and save money on buying multiple products containing harmful chemicals.


We score 4.96 out of 5 based on 1589 reviews

Based on 1589 reviews
Love this product!

Great product!! Excellent packaging . Love the atomiser spay bottles. Would recommend to others .

Use this for everything

I originally started buying this to use on my orchids. Keeps all the buggos away
It's great for germinating seeds, cleaning the bathroom, kitchen and to spray on stains in my laundry.

It's very good for my teeth

The 6% hydrogen peroxide helps my teeth health and whitens them a bit . They look better and healthier . I havent tried it fir anything else yet but will .
Thank you

It’s Oh 2 Good!

Wish I had learned in my school and Uni Chemistry classes how versatile H2O2 was outside the lab and medicine cupboard. i am looking forward to experimenting with the 3% and 6% products we purchased from you and will be happy to provide feedback if you so require. Our first test of H2O2 will be to test it’s effectiveness on the aphids and the ants that harvest them on our little lime tree. Thank you Good Clean Health Co for making H2O2 available in affordable quantities and attractively packaged with other useful products. BTW - Love the spray bottles. Plan to buy more to give away this Christmas. Keep up the good work!

Ultimate Clean & Plant Care
Cornelis (casey) Harm
Complete deep clean

Complete deep clean is what it say complete deep clean and time saver.my orchids loving it looking very healthy and just after 24 hours. Recommended to all plant lovers

Plant Care Plus
Kim Wilson
Plant care kit

Excellent service great product

Good stuff.

Works both on your body and cleaning outside it.

Haven’t received

I keep getting sent emails on how to use. But I haven’t received yet and no correspondence with tracking details so gathering not even posted yet ?


Have never used Hydrogen Peroxide before but am pleasantly surprised. I only use natural products anyway which I am very happy with and this is right up there. Have used it on my plants. Was sceptical at first but they are still healthy. Have the 6% for the bathroom which has been a game changer. I have a very elderly husband who has accidents and could not get the toilet smell away but this totally neutralises it!! I can now walk into the bathroom and not stress out!

Love it

I’m obsessed with the mister!

Plant Care Plus
Rachel Stringer

If you were tossing up whether to buy this for your plants, do it! I’ve been misting my indoor plants with this for a couple of weeks and the difference is SIGNIFICANT!!! They are so much greener and new growth everywhere. I honestly would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself.

I also have a small magnolia tree in my front garden that has struggled to grow for about 8 years for no apparent reason. I’ve been misting the leaves every evening and new shoots are sprouting all over it. I wish I could upload a photo, where you can clearly see the old sad growth, compared to the new bright green leaves emerging. I can’t recommend this product highly enough. I’ve spent a fortune at Bunnings over the years on fertiliser and pest repellent. Save yourself the trouble and just buy this one amazing product!!! 🤩

Amazing product with many uses

I have just recently started to replace all of my household cleaning supplies to reduce the amount of chemicals in our day to day life. I ordered the 1L hydrogen peroxide as a replacement for bleach and when it arrived, I was sooooo grateful and excited by the information leaflet that it came with, which provided MANY more awesome uses. This product has already changed our cleaning routine and products massively!

Misting Monstera

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% 4L is great! Frequent misting my Monstera plant with diluted Hydrogen Peroxide stopped browning of leaf edges.


Great fantastic food grade product very useful and helpful

Very nice product.

Can't Stop Misting!

Looking for bulk peroxide and came across these fantastic products. I hadn't realised there was so many things you could do with H2O2!! Mixed up beautifully with baking soda to clean my oven and my bathroom grout. Even my husband is impressed with the power of H2O2 and he normally likes the hard stuff (i.e. bleach). This is definitely going to simplify the cleaning cupboard at our house.

I’ve just started using this product and still finding my way around. So far so good though and I think I’m starting to see a difference in my plants.

A better alternative

This is the next level cleaning product. Safe for adults, kids, pets, and the planet.

Hydrogen Peroxide 6% 4L
Marianne McCann
Product Awareness

I have known about the uses of hydrogen peroxide for a while now and I use it in combination with bicarb soda which makes for a fabulous floor & grout cleaner.
I have used it as a mouth wash but until I received your pamphlet didn't realise it was good for plants as well.
I have been given cut flowers recently and have mixed 15ml with 500ml of water to replenish the water quality. I look forward to the result of longer lasting blooms.
I know advertising can be expensive but something like 'did you know that hydrogen peroxide can do', because a lot of people do not realise the many uses of this product and that it is safe on the environment.
I will continue to talk to family and friends of the benefits of hydrogen peroxide.

Kind regards,

Marianne McCann

Nice fine sprayer for my plants. Sometimes it won't spray for a bit as I'm using it but isn't much of a problem. Overall really good product

Everyday & Deep Clean

Excellent products to use in many areas of our home. Feeling healthy!

Complete Deep Cleaning & Plant Care

Hydrogen peroxide

Great product. Many thanks ❣️🌹

Plant Care Plus
Ross Lucas
What a Find

We are loving the product and using it for many uses around the home . From sanitising tooth brush heads to cleaning the shower. We will be purchasing again !



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